Mr. Matthew Polka, CEO
American Cable Association
Pittsburgh, PA
Trade Association for Independent Cable Operators

Mike Drake knows cable, and he knows business and finance. I have served with Mike for a number of years in our American Cable Association. Mike and his cable company, Milestone Communications, were stellar members of the group, committing to all of the work we did on behalf of independent cable operators. Mike served as a member of our Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and as Treasurer, and Mike was also awarded our highest award, the Lyn Simpson Grassroots Spirit Award, for excellence in advocating the concerns of independent cable operators. Mike was a solid cable operator and a great businessman. His knowledge of finance, operations, and transactions was second to none, and he knows the cable market as well as anyone I have ever met. Work with Mike. You won’t regret it.


Mr. Bruce Beard
Cinnamon Mueller (Managing Partner)
Chicago, IL    312-372-3930
Attorney to Independent Cable Operators And Retained Counsel for the American Cable Association

I have known Mike Drake since 2002 when we both served on the American Cable Association Board of Directors advocating the interests  of the small to medium size independent cable companies.  At the time Mike was operating several systems and I admired his passion for the industry and serving small communities.  Since joining Cinnamon Mueller in 2008 I have worked with Mike on several occasions working with his brokerage clients on various sales and purchases.  I have found Mike to be exceptionally knowledgeable about the cable television industry.  He is particularly skilled and experienced in cable mergers and acquisitions and financial analysis.  His broad experience gained through years in the industry really shines there.  Mike is thorough, hands-on, and practical.  Equally, if not more importantly, his business dealings reflect impressive levels of ethics and integrity.  His years in the industry both as an operator and a broker have developed in Mike a strong sense of empathy for the independent operator.  I without hesitation recommend the services of Mike as a consultant and broker to the independent cable operator.


Ty Garrett
SEMO Communications, Incorporated
Sikeston, Missouri
Independent Cable Operator

The first time we were introduced by Ben Hooks, my thought was that you (Mike Drake) were in the wrong professions and should have been using your voice to make a living.  After working with you, I now know that you bring much more than a great voice to your job.  Your patience, communications skills, industry knowledge, perseverance and negotiating ability were keys to getting our deal started and finished.  There were several times along the way that is appeared things were going off track and the deal would never get done.  You helped keep everything together when it looked the bleakest.  It is now easy to see that you have found the perfect profession.

Ben Hooks
Buford Media Group. LLC
Tyler, Texas
Independent Cable Operator

Mike Drake (Milestone) has represented Buford Media through two transactions in 2015 serving approximately 5,500 RGU’s.  I find in the current market place that it’s much more complicated to complete a transaction and without Mike’s support our two transactions wouldn’t have made it to fruition.  Mike has a broad level of experience which allows him to deliver a professional presentation representing smaller transactions like ours in a manner you would only expect in a much larger deal. Mike is a good facilitator between the buyer/seller an is astute in accounting, system operations, and the legal requirements necessary to complete a transaction.  As a smaller operator we have more challenges in preparing the proper documentation to be delivered to a sophisticated buyer, but this is where Mike steps in with his support to help our team. We have been very pleased and would recommend anyone considering hiring a brokerage firm to seriously consider Mike Drake.

Peter Kahelin
Senior Partner and CEO
Last Mile Communications
Newtown, CT
Independent Cable Operator Management Partner

I am the Senior Partner of Last Mile Communications (LMC).  During LMC’s successful tenure as managing partner of Baja Broadband, a leading telecommunications operator serving communities in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas; where I held the role of CEO, I had the sincere privilege to work with Mike Drake in a number of acquisitions and divestitures of broadband properties.  Mike acted as the lead broker in all these deals and to say the very least, both the Sellers and the Buyers, felt each transaction was a win/win scenario and experience. To be honest, none of these deals were easy and straight forward, but thanks to Mike’s endless efforts, great networking, patience and more importantly leadership, he was always able to match up the proper parties for each deal and deliver a winning outcome for all involved.  Sounds simple, but none of it was, as we had gone to the mat using several other brokers and deal makers and had made no headway or forward traction, until Mike stepped up and not only managed the process, but kept everyone on point and focused on the final deliverable. It is always a pleasure and a blessing to work with Mike, as he is a man of great integrity and his professional work ethics are unimpeachable.  Moreover, he is just one heck of a great person that I am pleased to call not only a professional friend, but now a personal one.  Thanks Mike for all you do!

Bill Tyler
TGN Cable
Olney, Texas
Independent Cable Operator

After searching for a solution to sell my systems in Texas for several years, Michael Drake of Milestone Communications, Inc. was introduced to me. I was interested in what he had to say regarding the sale of small systems. After initially sending him system-related information and later clarifying and adding a few requested details, he did a wonderful job of organizing my system information and presenting it in a very professional “Broker Book” format. Thanks to Mike, always a professional who found a buyer and closed the deal, I was able to sell the systems. His knowledge and contacts in the Cable industry were exceptional. I am extremely pleased that he was able to sell my systems. Mike and Milestone Communications, Inc. are number “1” in my book.

David A. Dane
Senior Vice President
Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC
Johnstown, PA
Independent Cable Operator

Atlantic Broadband has had multiple positive experiences over the past five or six years working with Milestone Communications, Inc. in instances where they represented sellers and more recently where they represented ABB as a buyer’s broker.” “We have been very satisfied with the purchases that we have made as Milestone has gone to great lengths to ensure that we are purchasing high quality assets. Mike employs a hands on approach to managing the transaction process that for ABB as a buyer has proven to be highly effective.

Ms. Barbara Mock
Owner Milestone Communications, LP Marlinton, WV
Independent Cable Operator

Thank you for everything, Mike. You stepped in when I needed you the most. You were a huge help…. I couldn’t have closed this sale without you. I am very grateful.

Lisa Wilkinson
Business Manager
CAS Cable
Independent Cable Operator

 After several years of searching, Milestone Communications, Inc. found a buyer for a cable system that we were looking to divest. Mike was extremely helpful and proactive during the entire process, from providing the buyer with information needed before signing the Asset Purchase Agreement to making sure everything was finished up after the closing of the sale. Mike stayed on top of everything, from start to finish, and provided us with his invaluable knowledge and expertise during the course of the sale. We were very happy with his service and would highly recommend Mike and Milestone Communications, Inc.

Mr. Scott Bryer
S Bryer Cable TV Corp., Inc.
Cochranton, PA
Independent Cable Operator

 In February 2011, I started working with Michael Drake from Milestone Communications, Inc. on the sale of a coupe of cable TV systems. From the start up until the end, MIke was the best. Mike was and has been one of the best professionals that I have delt with. It was nice dealing with someone that you can really trust. Mike keeps his word and always looks out for what is best for both sides of the transaction. I am looking forward to our next sale. Mike can be a bulldog if needed. I would highly recommend Michael Drake.

Avis J. Johnson
Project Services, Inc. of Minnesota
Hector, MN
Independent Cable Operator

 Project Services, Inc. of Minnesota recently hired Michael W. Drake, President of Milestone Communications, Inc. to market our cable television systems. Mr. Drake’s expertise with small systems brought us not only one but two buyers. Project Services, Inc. would highly recommend Mr. Drake as broker to any cable television system, large or small, wishing to find a buyer. He is very knowledgeable in the cable television industry.

Joyce Scroggs
Quincy Community TV Association, Inc.
Quincy, CA
Independent Cable Operator

 Our small, nonprofit cable company worked with Milestone Communications, Inc. and Mike Drake for nearly two years to accomplish the sale of our system on terms that were advantageous to our members. Our board of directors appreciated Mike’s availability for our meetings and his support through a lengthy process. Mike was always clear, straightforward, and, ultimately, invaluable. He gave us good advice and kept us informed as he negotiated with the buyer. We couldn’t have chosen a better broker for our sale. Our board of directors highly recommends Mike and Milestone Communications, Inc.

Terry Hughes
Retel TV Cable Co.
Williamsport, PA
Independent Cable Operator

 Recently, our family-owned and operated cable business was sold through the efforts of Mike Drake of Milestone Communications, Inc. Although we had over 40 years of experience in ownership and operations, now after the selling process we fully realize the professional expertise that was required for the successful sale of our company. Mike helped us through each phase of selling our cable operations. My family and I are happy with the results of their efforts and are confident that we made the right decision in choosing Milestone Communications, Inc.

James A. Sturm
Mannington TV, Inc.
Mannington, WV
Independent Cable Operator

 In 2007 and 2008, Michael Drake and Milestone Communications, Inc., provided services to our company in connection with the sale of our cable system in Mannington, West Virginia., when I decided to retire. Mike was extremely helpful in our negotiations with the buyer and creative in his ideas for solutions to potential problems that arose during the course of negotiating the Asset Purchase Agreement and the closing of the sale. Without Mike’s intimate knowledge of the industry and the practices of potential buyers, the deal may not have happened at all. I found Mike to be pleasurable to deal with and honest in those dealings. Mike’s experience and knowledge of the industry gives the independent cable operator considering selling their system a distinct advantage in the marketplace and I would definitely recommend his services to any independent cable operator considering the sale of their systems.

Mr. Allen Detwiler
Detwiler Communications, Inc.
New Enterprise, PA
Independent Cable Operator

 In late 2005, Michael Drake and Milestone Communications provided services to my company in connection with the sale of my independent cable system to a mid-size MSO. Mike’s knowledge of the sales process and his hands on participation and expertise were invaluable in the completion of the sale and the closing. His advice and counsel reflected his experience in the industry as both an independent cable operator and as a broker and consultant. I heartily recommend his services. I found him to be honest and of high integrity. I would definitely use his services again in the future if the opportunity arose.

Mr. Harold Colbert
President Calvin Cable System, Inc.
Calvin, PA
Independent Cable Operator

I have had a business relationship with the Milestone Communications entities and particularly Mike Drake for the past six years. In June of 2006 we sold our independent cable system located in central Pennsylvania to a mid-size MSO. Mike was extremely helpful in our negotiations with the buyer. Over the years as a contractor for the Milestone cable systems, I found Mike to be honest and easy to deal with. I would definitely use his services in the future.

Mr. Thomas Semptimphelter, CEO
Rapid Communications, LLC
Conifer, CO
Independent Cable MSO

In 2006, we purchased a large number of small cable systems in multiple states from a large MSO. In an effort to rationalize these assets, we left open an invitation to the broad cable brokerage community to bring us buyers for most of the systems we then owned. In the past two years, Mike Drake has proven to be the most productive broker in the business, having played a key role in four sale transactions for our company. No other broker or firm was involved in more than one such sale transaction. Mike’s experience as a small cable operator clearly gives him an advantage over other brokers in understanding the basics of the small cable business.

Mr. David Maust
General Partner
Laurel Cable, LP
Berlin, PA
Independent Cable Operator

Recently (in 2007) we have been able to sell our cable television systems to a much larger firm that has operations in our area. In the beginning, our efforts to get the deal off the ground proved to be fruitless, not even getting an offer. My partner and I decided to engage the services of a broker after conferring with other small operators in our area that Mike had represented. After receiving very positive input from all involved, it was time to call Mike. From the first conversation, all the way through the closing, we found his services and assistance to be invaluable. Had it not been for his innovative approach with our potential buyer, we would have had no sale at all. Thanks Mike Drake. I hope we can do business again in the future.

Mr. Douglas Booher
Partner Booher Brothers Cable
Saltillo, PA
Independent Cable Operator

Recently we sold our cable system serving the Waterfall, PA area. When I made the decision to sell I had no idea what would be involved. I was referred to Mike Drake whom I retained as my broker. Mike was very knowledgeable in every facet of the transaction. I would highly recommend his services to any independent cable operator.

Ms. Roxanne Criswell
Eagles Mere and Laporte Cablevision, Inc.
Montoursville, PA
Independent Cable Operator

Last year, we made a decision to seek a buyer for our cable television systems. Having past successes with Milestone Communications, we chose the firm and Mike Drake to represent our current interests. This decision proved to be prudent. Of primary importance, Mike’s efforts produced the initial offer for our systems that ultimately led to the sale. In addition, throughout the transaction process, Mike continued to be responsive and proactive, a testament to his integrity, thoroughness and experience, providing us as the seller opportunity to foresee potential problems and opportunity to develop solutions. We thank Mike for his expert brokerage services and we appreciate the close working relationship. We could not have done it without him!

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